Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just a new picture I thought I'd share!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter & New Baby Emery

It was fun having my family over on Easter Sunday. We enjoyed dinner together a fun Easter lesson, and a little Easter egg hunt in the back yard. All the kids looked so cute in their little Easter outfits.

All the Schofield cousins as of Easter Sunday!

My mom brought these cute little deviled egg chicks to the party. Loved them!

This is the newest Schofield Grandbaby! Anna and Curt added a little one to their family.Emery Kay Egbert was born April 12th and we love her to pieces.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Christmas & a Little 5 Year Old!!

Alyvia's 5th Birthday was a lot of fun this year. We had all our family over for home made Krispy Creme doughnuts on Thursday and on Saturday we had her first little girl-friend party! Hello Kitty was the star of the show. I hope the girls had as much fun as I had planning it. Alyvia had both of her Grandmas there to help and I think it went really well. I hope at least we made a good memory for Alyvia.
Here are just a few things we love about Alyvia--
*She's always singing something!(Loves Tavosi)
*She's super dooper smart (too smart sometimes)
*She's a great helper with Camdyn (Maybe she can start babysitting next year)
*She's excited about what she's learning in Primary and in Family Home Evening.
*She's the BEST at going to bed. (Always been good at this from day one)
*She's always making a gift for someone!
*She just flat out makes us laugh.
The other day my mom came and kept the kids for us one evening. Grandma said the she'd better get on the road before she gets too sleepy. Alyvia, as seriouse as could be saic, "Grandma, you're totally welcome to stay in that extra bed."
*Always thinking about someone else.

This Christmas we changed things up a bit. We headed down to Salt Lake to spend Christmas with Brady's Aunt Alyson. We missed our families, but had a blast at the same time. We enjoyed the lights on temple square on Christmas Eve with Grandpa Harding, Alyson, and Brady's Uncle Gary and his family. It was so awesome to enjoy a cozy fireplace on Christmas Eve. We made crazy goodies with Al and a super cute gingerbread house. I think our kids will remember this Christmas for a long time, I know Brady and I will. Thanks Alyson for some more super great memories.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun October!!

We had such a fun Halloween this year. Let's just say the kids both get trick-or-treating! They were so cute. Alyvia had a great time at her pre-school party and some how our little blonde made a great Dorothy. Camdyn was right by her side as the cowardly lion, although I wouldn't say he's intimidated by much.

Carving pumpkins was slimy as usual. Brady made a killer wolf pumpkin!

Alyvia and I ran in the Great Pumpkin Race this year. This was Alyvia's first race and Uncle Landon ran along side of her while she ran 1/4 mile. We were so proud of her. She was pretty excited to get her ribbon at the end! I ran with our friends Steve and Emily and really had a good time. I think we'll make it a tradition!!

We went to Ketchum with Landon and Emily to see all the Fall colors and go to the Basque festival. It was really cool!!

We had apples coming out of our ears this month. I bottled pie filling with a friend and did apple sauce with my sister. The kids had fun helping. They actually really did help, it was fun!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super September Highlights!! Texas & More!

Dinner Cruise in Hagerman with Steve & Emily. (Highly recommended) Helps to be with great company!

Sock Monkeys....Gotta love 'em! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a group shot of all the monkeys!

Twin Falls County Fair & Rodeo!

Alyvia's first day of pre-school. Kind of a sad picture huh. She has just loved going to pre-school and is learning so much. It's pretty fun that we get to walk every day!

Our friends Steve and Emily's new baby Sage.

Camping in the back yard with the Batemans! Why have we not figured this out before now?!

Our Texas Trip!! Just a few highlights!

Spending time with Chad & Tay and their family was so great it's not something we get to do every day and sometimes every year. Getting to pick Parker up for school was a highlight for Brady because he got to hold the little sign and make fun of the lady with the mega phone. Our kids got some quality time with both Grandparents while we were gone and we appreciate them so much for keeping them!!

Here's a lizard we found in one of their bushes.

Here are Chad and Tay's cute boys; Parker, Talmage, & Cannon playing in the spray park down town Woodlands. That night we enjoyed the best milk shakes ever and checked out down town right where Chad works. What an amazing place.

This was at the Kema boardwalk near Houston. Here we rode the scariest roller coaster of my life! I love roller coasters, but this one took the cake. We also got to pet and feed the sting rays. It took Tay and I a few tries, something about it was kinda freaky!

The Friday we were there we got an super great dinner appointment with a very special Elder. My Bro!!! A few weeks before we left, Brady emailed Brian's mission president to let him know we'd be right there visiting family. He asked if we would like to take him to dinner. Crazy!! He's been out a year, but it felt like we'd just seen him a week ago. We had such a great evening with him, his companion and Sister and Whitney Sinclair (some friends of their's) He's so lucky to have such an awesome companion! I sure hope the next year goes just as fast.

The day before we headed home, we took in a Texas A&M Game. What a blast!! This was no ordinary college football game. Brady was right....You have to see it to believe it!!